Jumaat, 2 Julai 2010

Pakatan wants AG to charge Datuk Nasir Safar for sedition over racist remarks

Karpal Singh, the chairman of DAP said that the Pakatan Rakyat is seeking an order from the Attorney-General to compel him to charge Datuk Nasir Safar for sedition after his recent racist remarks made against the Chinese and Indian communities during a seminar last month. He said that if the AG fails to do so, then the opposition coalition will apply to the High Court for a ‘mandamus’ order which will leave him no choice but to do so. He said “We are serious about this. There should not be any double standard, and the A-G must act without fear or favour. We want to see Nasir punished for (allegedly) insulting the Chinese and Indians in the country. I am shocked that someone like Nasir can make such statements and that there are certain organisations backing him up,”

(Dipetik dari http://www.malaysiatoday.com/)

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